by Lubos Naprstek

I was born in 1964, in the Czech Republic outside of Prague in a city called Kladno. This part of the Czech Republic is reknown for its tradition of musical instrument building–and a devoted coterie of serious musicians with an intense interest in Euro and American Jazz, Bluegrass and Classical music.

As a young boy I was always fascinated with wood, and at 11 years old, my main hobby was building model airplanes and boats. The acquired skills for designing with accuracy, symmetry; as well as reading blueprints was gained at this early stage and proved extremely useful later in my life in building, designing and in the repairing and restoration of stringed musical instruments.

As a musician myself, I understand that mysterious essence all players are looking for; that special tone, timbre, voice and resonance…and it is this same quest that drives and inspires me, in the designing and building of my instruments. There are no compromises with a calling…

As a custom builder, I attempt to understand your needs as a player to create that \’one of a kind\’ custom instrument you will simply enjoy playing for many years, on and off the job.

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